Driving Growth: How Atlantic Relocation Systems Used Personalization to Boost Leads

Team ARS
+180% CVR Lift

+180% CVR Lift

“Postclick captured the look and feel of our online advertising but optimized it for higher conversions. In fact, they helped boost our conversion rate by more than 180%. This dramatically improved our advertising efficiency.” 

Atlantic Relocation Systems (ARS) had been running underperforming Google and didn’t have the internal resources to improve results. Potential customers lost motivation after clicking and landing on unfocused pages. They were also uncertain if services were available in their locations.
We suggested individual conversion-optimized landing pages for each of Atlantic’s many geo-specific ads. The practice worked so well for their many residential campaigns that ARS asked us to create corresponding pages for their commercial efforts.
Created marketing personas and landing page narratives based on ARS’s advertising goals and brand identity, then developed highly-effective layouts and geo-specific experiences. Designed a series of conversion-optimized landing pages that looked perfectly on-brand. Collaborated with ARS to include tracking and analytics code to gauge performance and inform tests. They also performed pre- and -post QA testing to ensure pages are optimized for success.

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